World Wetlands Day


Today is World Wetlands Day, and if you think that there's a World Day for everything, you might be right.

That doesn't mean it's any less important.


Think about them: humid patches of wet dirt, what do they provide? Plants grow, and where there are

plants, there are animals. And so, more animals come. They are essential to the local wildlife,

and there's a big reason why they get their very own World Day. Ravaging them in order to build stuff

wouldn't really benefit anyone. Animals would get displaced, and I don't think you want flamingos

stealing your delicious pasta in Platja d'en Bossa.


In our island, we've got a few of them. One of the closest ones to civilization is Ses Feixes. Host to

many species of birds, as well as bats and reptiles, it is dense, oozes life through its tight canals built by

the Moors centuries ago.


Another, more well known wetland is Ses Salines. As the name suggests, these are salt flats that have been exploited 

for centuries, and if you visit the area, you'll see that it's still operational, an obvious conclusion given the sight of the

salt hill on the far side of the salt flats. Some fauna seen here include quite a few birds and the ever

eye-catching flamingos, which live here year round.


If you want to take a look at the latter right now, we've got a video cooked up right here for you: