Bride's Make Up.


Each bride has a style and personality

Each bride has a style and personality, that is why each bride is favored by a makeup. For me as a professional, the most important thing is that each looks the same but embellished, you do not have to feel disguised on this day.  

I love polished and powdered skins that are apparently natural but have used several products to achieve this effect. the main thing is to apply to prepare that will leave your skin bright and beautiful, we will continue with a base of light makeup or a medium coverage to not saturate the skin. Then we will apply to concealer to remove the dark circles of these days of celebration. We will give a touch of powder to seal the makeup that holds the most and give us the porcelain skin effect. The eyes marked with very natural tones but marking a subtle eyeliner so you can see a pretty look.  


Let's not forget the daring brides who are comfortable with a passion red lip or a smoky eye in dark shades even black without forgetting those infinite eyeliner.

There are modern brides, fine and elegant, gothic, romantic, bohemian ... For each one there is a different makeup that will make you look more beautiful in your day. 

Let's not forget that this day already has magic and the bride will always shine by itself.

Thanks to Chus Ramirez for this great article in Bridal makeup!