Music and the Island of Ibiza, the birth of Amnesia



This tradition began way back in the 1960’s when the island’s beauty, political independence and maintenance of ancient culture attracted swarms of hippies to its shores. These free living souls brought with them psychedelic rock to bars and country houses (aka fincas) across the island. 

It was not long before visits from the Rolling Stones and a film made by Pink Floyd propelled Ibiza to fame and led Antonio Escohoto to set up a discotheque within an old finca. This venue would eventually become known as Amnesia and was one of the most influential forces in Ibiza’s cultural development. 

It was followed by numerous other discotheques and by the 1980’s when Mike Oakenfield and Danny Rampling visited the island, the Ibiza party culture had developed a unique sound scene. Oakenfield and friends introduced this Belearic Beat to London, prompting a revolution in the approach of nightclubs to music which was really the beginning electronic club culture. The Bealaric beat is not a genre as such, more a concept, which encourages DJ’s to experiment with styles and mixes in a way that created tracks with a ‘beat ‘n’groove that moves the feet’ but fundamentally had only one defining rule, ‘there are no rules’.

Today Ibiza is internationally recognised as a cultural centre for house and trance music, with scores of new DJ’s using the islands many venues as launching pads for their new tracks. The underground clubs, notably DC10 offer a venue for alternative and offbeat sounds. Harking back to the hippy origins and naturalistic inspiration there are venues like the Café Del Mar where weary travellers can bask in the setting sun, and listen to the soothing ambient tracks from the likes of Pat Methany. 

However Ibiza went through a rough patch when in the 2000’s partygoers began to complain that generic beats had begun to dominate the island, and expensive clubs were stagnating the creative pool. In recent seasons it has been said that the eclectic nature of the White Island’s Music scene has been rediscovered. The re-emergence of free parties and new residencies such Glitterbox at Space have been championed as heralding a return to the islands ethos of innovation and musical freedom.  

Furthermore, eight years ago, Ibiza Rocks hotel in San Antonio began its journey, offering a diverse palette of live performances. Pool parties and guitar music have been skilfully combined with superstars such as the Arctic Monkey’s and Spandau Ballet gracing the stage. The Libertines, Clean Bandit, De La Soul were all featured in the incredibly popular 2015 season. The hosts of Ibiza Rocks have, amongst others, proved to Ibiza travellers, that music is more than just a soundtrack, it is the lifeblood of the island.